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LOFT415 is now L415 & Co

Yeah... it's a new, big sounding name. Don't worry it's still just us doing it all from our loft in CA, USA.

minimalist bohemian.

handcrafted clothing | graphic tshirts
vintage fashion


Hey, Take a Hike!


Finding Inspiration

Our inspiration comes from being outdoors. A lot.
We hike, we climb, we camp... and we design.

Our designs are built for comfort. Worrying about fashion isn't easy while juggling school, family, traveling, (or camping). Our mission is to dress you in classic, timeless clothing that can be put on without the fuss.

Being in the desert or mountains makes us feel bohemian-minimalist.
And that's who we are. 

What drives you?

Best Sellers

L415 & Co is also on Etsy!

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Blue Denim Color is Back!

Blue Denim Color is Back!

We finally got some more of our blue denim color back for our palazzo pants, cropped flares, and long flares! Made of cotton and spandex this fabri...
Color Back in Stock!

Color Back in Stock!

Our medium gray is back in stock and available again on maxi skirts and jogger pants!
Baby Bandanas!!!

Baby Bandanas!!!

I have a teething baby. She drools. And drools. I wash. And wash. We still never have enough bibs! I fell in love with the bandana style bib becaus...

L415 & Co • A small USA based company

Founded in 2005, we offer affordable locally made clothing, and hard to find vintage that reflects our minimalist bohemian esthetic. All items are sewn & printed - sweatshop free - from our work/live loft in the Arts Colony downtown.



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