Baby Bandanas!!!

I have a teething baby. She drools. And drools. I wash. And wash. We still never have enough bibs!

I fell in love with the bandana style bib because they're way more stylish and fun, but I was getting a little bored--okay, annoyed--with the selection. Everything was either over-the-top girly, or screamed "I'm a boy".

My little one is very androgynous in appearance. Her father and I have tons of fun with that. And while we love her in pink we also love her in black. Wolves and sloths make her smile as much as pretty butterflies.

I created these bibs to follow our same Loft 415 minimalist feel, and a way to give parents (like us) a chance to go girly, manly--or both!--with easy, fun styles.

We hope you like them as much as we do.




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